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I just love Replica Balenciaga Bags! I simply can’t ignore a good pair. In fact Adam (my sweet and sexy honey!) is simply fed up of my collection. He hates to see me get more of these and in general we end up in a bitter discussion whenever I ask him to get more for me. So over the time I have started getting these myself and I refrain from telling him (and trust me it is working!).

Replica Balenciaga Bags

It was just a day before Adam’s birthday that I went shopping with Angelina (yeah she is the same neighbor I hate, but you see anything for I was looking for a gift very desperately when something caught my eye. It was a super cool pair of sandals (and trust me being a girl you don’t want to miss that!). Though I did not have lots of extra money but still I just rushed to check on the size.

I tried it on and it was looking simply gorgeous! I just fell in love with it. But then I checked its price and my heart broke literally! It was way too costly (especially with little money and Adam’s gift still waiting in the queue). But then, to my surprise this young man (who was a complete package with his sexy looks and cute smile!) came and informed me about the ongoing designer Replica Balenciaga Bags clearance sale going on.

My reflex reaction made me smile sheepishly. His words stating 50% off were all around me. I calculated the cost quickly in my head and came to the conclusion that now I can buy these (I was so relieved). I was so happy that I quickly told him to pack them for me. I paid and then we left. I was really happy that I got a great pair of Replica Balenciaga Bags for myself.

But the major task of finding a gift for Replica Hermes Purses was still left (and trust me keeping in mind his choice it was going to be a tough task!). but I guess it was my lucky day as while getting out of the store I got a glimpse of this book (it is very rare and Adam’s favorite!). I quickly rushed there and got the book.