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The latest private runway show of Alber Elbaz’s Fall 2009 collection for the house of Replica Celine Handbags in New York were attended by more than 150 Bergdorf Goodman guests.

“The best thing about fashion is when women dress for themselves in the mirror, not for a man or to make another woman mad.”

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Women spend most of their time thinking about fashion as the best tool to ameliorate their status or to hide their insecurities rather than something to admire and enjoy with for their own happiness.

Elbaz,the Israeli soldier who became a force in fashion strongly believe that fashion is a dying art form and that it’s necessary to support “the patternmakers and seamstresses who have given their lives to the profession. Lanvin is a house of whispers,” he added. “And not everyone hears us, but those who do love us, and we love them, too.”

The designer admitted in his statement, “Do women really need dresses for 3,000 euros and bags for 1,500?” the fact that his collections are not too expensive because of his simple craftsmanship.

Elbaz’s clothing lines have sexy touch of ’40s glamor having extra accessories like topping with fur. This 40s statement were on almost designers mind not just exclusively for Lanvin. Fur sleeves

The ’40s were on many designers’ minds, not just at Lanvin. Fur sleeves made on retro-style suits of Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta and Alexander Wang collections to name a few. Ricardo Tisci presented one of his stylish collections at Givenchy show with loosely tailored, fur-topped clothing. The house of Dior with John Galliano style inspired by a postwar silhouette.

These are among of the fashion labels who presented their latest collection. They are “IN” and part of the Fall 2009 Runway Report.