Food. Lots of food. You can't have a great picnic without it.

One of the great things about Tri-State Treasures over the years is that the food has been spectacular, thanks to the great contributions of those coming. Because our attendees have been so great about bringing their best, everyone benefits in a great offering of food.

We welcome all attendees to join in on this huge picnic. Do you have a dish that is your specialty or something you really love to make? Maybe you're willing to bring something we really need. Take a look at the food list on the event page and post a new note to the event page telling us what you'll bring to share at the picnic. We have needs for meat items for the grill, great side dishes, dessert items, drinks, etc. to see what others have signed up to bring. And come hungry and get ready for a fantastic picnic!

Thanks for sharing!