Every year, we have a huge number of exciting items available to win, thanks in part to the generous support of our sponsors.

Raffle tickets will be on sale for the following prices: $1 each, six for $5, and twenty-five for $20. Winners will be posted on a sign near the end of the event.

Here are some of the raffle items donated by sponsors; there will be plenty more available.

Accessories by Joy (2) Women's Geocaching Headbands
Cachly Cachly Geocoins
Geocacher's Swiss Army Knife GSAK software license
Village Diner $25 gift certificate
I.B. Geocaching Pins and Stickers
Project-GC One-year Premium Licenses
Geocaching.com Many items
Unlocked Escape Rooms $25 gift certificates
Perkins Family Restaurant $25 gift certificate
84 Country Store gift certificates
FTF Geocacher Magazine Free subscription
Aura Design Group Coins, t-shirt
Landsharkz $15 gift certificates
GxProxy autographed copies of Christian Mackey coin design book
geo-coins, UV flashlight, UV pen trackables, regular flashlights, and much more
Other individual donors giant painted ammo can, creative cache containers, an inflatable kayak, and much more


And many more prizes available thanks to all of our individual donors who make this even better! We welcome other donations for our geo-raffle even if you didn't let us know ahead of time. Just bring them to the event and give them to one of our raffle chairs.