Class Expectations and Summer Assignment

Welcome to AP Statistics! You're about to study a subject that is useful in nearly every vocation and field of study that you may wish to pursue. This page will provide you with everything you need in order to begin what may be the most applicable AP class you'll ever take.

Before you download the files, let me say this: no work will be collected from you. Your responsibility is to do these assignments well enough that you are prepared to take a test on them on the first day of school. You should be sure that you can write about any of the assigned readings and do any of the problems assigned here. It's up to you to spend enough time to be sure that you're ready to take that test and start the year. Please be sure to read ALL of the provided material below.

You can download the Class Expectations for AP Statistics here.

Your Summer work includes nothing that needs to be turned in. Instead it all covers material which can be included on the opening-day test. Here's what you'll need to do to complete your Summer assignment and be ready for the opening-day test...

This is what you need to cover to be ready for the opening day test.

Throughout the year, I'll be communicating with you as necessary through email. Please be sure I have a valid email address for you at all times, notifying me of any change in your address.