AP Statistics

Welcome to AP Statistics at Delaware Valley High School!

This may be the most challenging and most useful Math course you've taken to this point. There is hardly any field of study or discipline you can think of that doesn't use data, statistics, and the procedures and concepts you'll learn in this class, and job opportunities abound for those with the quantitative background you'll get from studying Statistics.Panerai Replica This class will likely change the way you see the world around you.

This page and its linked pages will provide information and resources for you while you are taking this class.


TPS 6/e Resources by Chapter links to videos and other resource material for students

College Board: 2020 AP Exams Online: What You Need To Know

Taking AP Exams 2020: The Exam-Day Experience

Notes from CB about 2020 AP Exams

ZoomONDVChromebooks.pdf Directions for using Zoom on Chromebooks belonging to DV

How to Raise Your Hand on Zoom (using a computer)


StatsMedic Review Course: http://review.statsmedic.com

Practice AP Statistics Exams

Link for Zoom Sessions: https://zoom.us/j/9331485747


TENTATIVE LESSON PLANS for students (subject to change)



Tue 5/26 Catch-up Day (rescheduled to today due to AP Stat exam on 5/22)

Wed 5/27?? Introducing Chi Square Hypothesis Tests: Watch this video, beginning at 15:33????

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Then do this one problem

Thu 5/28?? ?? Chi Square Goodness of Fit Hypothesis Test: Watch this video beginning at 5:37

??????????????????????????????????Optionally print this Worksheet to accompany video

??????????????????????????????????Then do this one problem

Fri 5/29?? ?? Catch-up Day

Mon 6/1?? ?? ?? Chi Square Test for Homogeneity:
Watch this video beginning at 3:36

????????????????????????????????????Optionally print this Worksheet to accompany video

????????????????????????????????????Then do this one problem

Tue 6/2 ?? 12noon-12:50pm We All Use Math Every Day: A Live Interview and Q&A with Matt Benintendo, Criminalist with the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office:?? YouTube Live Link

Wed 6/3?? ?? Chi Square Test for Independence: Watch this video beginning at 2:55

??????????????????????????????????Optionally download this PPT to accompany video

??????????????????????????????????Then do this one problem


Thu 6/4?? 12noon-12:50pm We All Use Math Every Day: A Live Interview and Q&A with Valerie Rofeberg, 2010 DV Alumnus, Biostatistician with Boston Children’s Hospital:?? YouTube Live Link??

Fri 6/5 ?? Catch-up Day


Mon 6/8?? Read articles on www.goldennumber.net in at least three different fields

Tue 6/9?? 12noon-12:50pm We All Use Math Every Day: A Live Interview and Q&A with Drake Eshelman, 2016 DV Alumnus, 2020 Graduate of Cornell University studying Math and Music,?? YouTube Live Link

Wed 6/10??

Thu 6/11  12noon-12:50pm Why Am I Learning This Stuff? A Live Interview and Q&A with Greg Giliberti, DV Alumnus 2015, 2109 Graduate of Penn State University, Deloitte Consulting;  YouTube Live Link

Fri 6/12    



Exponential Growth and Epidemics a YouTube video on a topic similar to our Zoom discussion on 3/23/20 (not really AP Statistics-related, but well worth you watching anyway




The Art of Stat Web Applets



Calculators for AP Statistics

A common question asked by students taking AP Statistics at Delaware Valley High School has been, "What kind of calculator is best for me to use for this class?"

There is no single right answer to this question. While the most commonly used calculators have been those from the TI-84 family of calculators, the College Board has a calculator policy published with a complete list of approved graphing calculators, any of which are satisfactory for use on the AP Statistics examination. There are other approved models that are less expensive than the TI-84 family, but the software that I have on my classroom computer that I will be using as a demo in class is made to model the TI-84, so that is the calculator you'll be seeing in class; therefore it's the one I typically recommend.

Should you choose to purchase a cheaper calculator, the Casio fx-9750 typically runs about half the price of a TI-84, but I have no software available in class to demonstrate its use. However, there is information available online to help you use this Casio alternative in AP Statistics, such as this guide.


Smart Phone Apps to Emulate a Graphing Calculator

In addition, there are smart phone apps available to emulate a graphing calculator.swiss replica watches For students who own a smart phone, these have the advantage of being cheaper and possibly more convenient while allowing you to use the same steps you'd use on a graphing calculator, but you may not use a smart phone on the AP Statistics test.