Honors Geometry


Exploring Line Symmetry


SSA for Right Triangles

Coordinates of Midpoints and the Centroid

Voronoi Diagram Generator

Triangle Angle-Side Theorem

Triangle Inequality Theorem

Triangle Centers Investigation

  1. Explore the four triangle centers about which you just learned. Which always remain inside the triangle and which can come outside? Investigate this and write responses to the included questions in your notes.
  2. What can we know about the lengths of segments formed when you draw all three medians in a triangle? Investigate this and answer the included questions in your notes.
  3. When you draw all three medians in a triangle cutting it into smaller triangles, how do the areas of the smaller triangles compare? Check it out here and write answers to the included questions in your notes.


Online Statistical Applets from Macmillan


A fantastic free statistical website with tools for you to use and experiment:

  • StatKey with lots of tools for doing and learning Statistics

Smart phone apps to emulate a graphing calculator:

iOS: Graphncalc83 works very well for me on my iPhone

Android: Graph89 (with TI84 support) has very good reviews, but I haven't tried it myself

Learn how you can purchase a one-year license for Geometer's Sketchpad software for about $10...

Learn how you can get a free trial or a one-year student license for Fathom software...

Here's a page of links which you may find helpful or interesting as the course goes on...