Honors Geometry


Honors Geometry Back Work to be completed and submitted to Google Forms before 6/10/2020


Zoom Office Hours:


How to Raise Your Hand on Zoom (using a computer)

MathIsFun Scientific Calculator

Monday 5/25:?? MEMORIAL DAY

Tuesday 5/26: Zoom Office Hour (12noon) to review Area, Circum. and intro Arcs and Sectors
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Do worksheet on Arc Length, Area of a Sector?? -?? Answer Key

Wednesday 5/27: do Practice WS for Circle Quiz 3?? - answer key is included

Thursday 5/28:?? Zoom Office Hour (12noon) Review of Circle Segments, Area/Circumference

??????????????????????????????????????Do Circle Quiz 3, and submit responses to this Google Form by Mon 6/1

Friday 5/29 Catch-up Day??


Mon 6/1 ?? REMEMBER: Submit Circle Quiz 3 Area/Circum/Arcs/Sectors to Google form before midnight (see 5/28 for link)

Tue 6/2 ??
12noon-12:50pm We All Use Math Every Day: A Live Interview and Q&A with Matt Benintendo, Criminalist with the NYC Medical Examiner’s Office:?? YouTube Live Link

Wed 6/3?? Zoom Office Hour (12noon) Introduction to the Golden Ratio; What’s so Golden about Phi? (use PPT and GSP with faces)

Thu 6/4?? 12noon-12:50pm We All Use Math Every Day: A Live Interview and Q&A with Valerie Rofeberg, 2010 DV Alumnus, Biostatistician with Boston Children’s Hospital:?? YouTube Live Link??

Fri 6/5 ?? Catch-up Day



Mon 6/8?? Read articles on www.goldennumber.net in at least three different fields

Tue 6/9?? 12noon-12:50pm We All Use Math Every Day: A Live Interview and Q&A with Drake Eshelman, 2016 DV Alumnus, 2020 Graduate of Cornell University, B.A. in Music (with a clear Math twist),?? YouTube Live Link

Wed 6/10?? watch both parts of The Platonic Solids videos: Part One and Part Two

Thu 6/11  12noon-12:50pm Why Am I Learning This Stuff? A Live Interview and Q&A with Greg Giliberti, DV Alumnus 2015, 2109 Graduate of Penn State University, Deloitte Consulting;  YouTube Live Link

Fri 6/12    




Categorizing Yourself data (CODAP)

All About Us Survey Data (CODAP file)


Online Statistical Applets from Macmillan

A fantastic free statistical website with tools for you to use and experiment:

Smart phone apps to emulate a graphing calculator:

iOS: Graphncalc83 works very well for me on my iPhone

Android: Graph89 (with TI84 support) has very good reviews, but I haven't tried it myself

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