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SB Brainbusters Fall Runner-up

2018-19 Dates and Results

  • 16th place, Princeton Academic Tournament (IS 177)
  • 3rd place, Tri-State Tussle IV @ DVHS (IS 176-A)
  • 5th place, Philly Fall Tournament @ FSS (IS 178-A)
  • Nov 9, 12, 13 WVIA-TV Scholastic Scrimmage
  • 2nd place, Brainbusters Fall @ Ithaca HS (IS 179)
  • 3rd place, Big Lake Brawl III @ Wallenpaupack HS (IS 182A)
  • 7th place, Great Valley Quiz Bowl Tournament (Scottie2018)
  • 1st place, NEPA HS Challenge @ Mountain View HS
  • T-5th (DNQ), Keystone State Invitational @ Penn State University (D2 SCT)
  • 1st place, PA Academic Competition @ Easton IU 20
  • Apr 6-8, IPNCT @ Chicago
  • 1st place, Buzzer Battle Novice Tournament @Berwick HS
  • 4th place, PA State Academic Championship @ State Capitol, Harrisburg
  • 1st place, Rotary Tri-State Scholastic Bowl League
  • May 23-27, HSNCT @ Atlanta Marriott Marquis


2017-18 Dates and Results

  • 3rd place, Scarlet Knight Open @ Rutgers (IS 167A), earned HSNCT and PACE qualifications
  • 2nd place, Tri-State Tussle III tournament @ DVHS (IS 168)
  • 4th place, LVA tournament @ Lehigh Valley Academy (IS 169A)
  • 2nd place, Brainbusters Fall @ Ithaca HS (IS 170)
  • 5th place, Downingtown East tournament (IS 172)
  • 5th place, Scarlet Knight Winter Tournament (GSAC)
  • 1st place, Big Lake Brawl II @ Wallenpaupack HS (IS 173A)
  • 3rd place, PA and NY HS Challenge Tournament
  • 1st place, PA Academic Competition @ IU20 (alt date 4/9)
  • April 14, NEPA Novice tournament @ Berwick HS ("Cheesesteak" set)
  • April 21, East Brunswick Pre-Nats tournament
  • Tri-State Rotary League, 4/17, 4/19, 4/24, 4/26
  • April 27, Pennsylvania State Championship, State Capitol Building, Harrisburg, PA
  • May 31 - June 4, PACE National Scholastic Championship, Reston, VA


2016-17 Dates and Results

  • 4th place, Tri-State Tussle II tournament @ DVHS, PACE-NSC qualifier (IS-158)
  • 5th place, Lehigh Valley Academy tournament, PACE-NSC qualifier (159A)
  • 5th place, Darien Invitational II (161A)
  • 3rd place, Brainbusters Fall @ Ithaca HS, HSNCT qualifier (IS-160)
  • DV "B" 3rd place, DV "A" 4th place, Quaker Fall Open @ University of Pennsylvania (WHAC,SCOP)
  • December 22: Alumni Match
  • January 9: NEIU Scholastic Scrimmage
  • DV "B" 1st, DV "A" 2nd, Northern PA History Bowl @ Wyoming Area HS
  • 6th place, Great Valley QB Invitational (GSAC open, HSAPQ novice)
  • 1st place Champions: NEPA HS Challenge Tournament @ Mountain View
  • 2nd place, Big Lake Brawl @ Wallenpaupack HS (165A)
  • 2nd place, PA Academic Competition @ IU20
  • 4-6 @ National History Bowl, Washington DC
  • Tri-State League: 2nd place (IS-164)
  • HSNCT, 6-4, ranked 97 of 304, Atlanta, GA

2015-16 Dates and Results

  • 3rd place, Tri-State Tussle tournament @ DVHS (IS-148)
  • 3rd place, Brainbusters tournament @ Ithaca NY (IS-150)
  • PACE qualifier, Quaker Bowl tournament @ University of Pennsylvania
  • 1st place Champions, NEPA Academic Tournament @ Mountain View
  • PACE Qualifier, Darien tournament @ Darien, CT (IS-152)
  • Scarlet Knight Open @ Rutgers University (IS-153A)
  • 1st place Champions, HS Challenge Tournament @ Tompkin-Cortland CC, NY (televised championship match)
  • PA Academic Tournament, IU20 (IS-147A)
  • 1st place Champions, Varsity and JV, Rotary Tri-State Scholastic Bowl League (IS-154)
  • 11-4 record, 30th place (out of 96) and #1 in PA, @ PACE National Championships, Chicago, IL

2014-15 Championships and Qualifications

  • 2nd place, Brainbusters Fall Competition, Ithaca HS (IS-140)
  • 1st place Champions, NEPA Academic Challenge Championships @ Mountain View HS, Jan 31
  • 2nd place, NY/PA High School Challenge @ TCCC, March 12
  • 4th place, BATE Tournament @ Bloomfield NJ (IS-144)
  • 1st place Champions, PA Academic Tournament, IU20, March 20
  • HSNCT, ranked 119 of 272, Chicago

2013-14 Championships and Qualifications

  • 8th place, SAGACITY IX @ U of Pitt (IS-132)
  • 18th place, Brainbusters Fall @ Ithaca HS (IS-130)
  • 1st place Champions, NEPA HS Challenge
  • 2nd place, NY/PA HS Challenge @ TCCC
  • 2nd place, Northern PA History Bowl Championship
  • 1st place, League Champions of the Rotary Tri-State Scholastic Bowl
  • 8th place at National Academic Championship, Washington DC



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