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AP Stats Links

TPS, 3e Resources This includes applets, practice quizzes, data from the textbook exercises and more

Online Multiple-Choice Chapter Quizzes A set of multiple choice questions for review of every chapter of your book

Student CD Data all of the data and support material for our textbook

Download Fathom software

Statistical Applets from Macmillan, SPA edition

Statistics Applets from BFW publisher of your textbook

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Links for Review/Overview

Against All Odds video series - short Stats videos for many of the most important topics

Statistics Crash Course - a new set of YouTube videos covering various topics

AP Statistics Exam Tips for Students - written by two experienced teachers/readers, posted on the CB website

StatTrek.com - a tutorial/summary of AP Stats curriculum

Stats4STEM - AP Statistics review exercises

AP Credit Policy Info Find colleges and universities with AP credit policy information

Interactive Visualizations of Significance Testing and Power also with links to visualization of correlation and confidence intervals

True/False Questions Comprehensive Review (Larry Green)


Links for Specific Topics/Chapters

Does Disease Have a Smell?

More on Joy Milne / Parkinson's

Data from Opening Survey (CODAP)

(Ch 1)

"What Does Data Tell you about Atlantic Hurricanes?" Activity: swiss panerai replica watches

Desmos Matching Distributions Activity: boxplots, histograms, stat summaries

(Ch 3) Guess the Correlation - the Java applet that trains you to guess the value of r from a scatterplot

(Ch 3) Correlation or Causation? - links to press articles relevant to this issue

(Ch 3) Correlation and Regression Applet used for Match My R!

(Ch 3) Interpreting Normal Probability Plots a video

(Ch 4) Sampling Overview - a YouTube video

(Ch 6)

(Ch 7)

(Ch 10)

(Ch 11)

(Ch 10-12)



The AP Statistics Formula Sheet the formulas that will be provided on the AP Stat test

Summary of Inference Procedures a table of conditions and formulas used in the procedures included in the AP Statisics syllabus

Statistical Applets from Rossman and Chance

StatKey a sweet set of online tools for doing and investigating Statistics

Logarithmic and Exponential Functions

YouTube Lecture on Laws of Logarithms - this 9-minute video was made for a calculus class, but most of it applies to this class too.

The TI-84 Plus Guidebook (PDF) - What? You say you no longer have the guidebook that came with your graphing calculator? Well, here's an electronic version that you can use to quickly look up what you need.

Linear Regression Inference program (for TI-84) - Install this program on your calculator and you'll be able to generate more information when you do linear regression for data stored in two lists. This includes the reporting of the standard error of b.

AP Statistics Score Calculator - this lets you play with different scenarios for AP Statistics test scores to see how you might line up against the cut scores for 2002 and 2007. Note: the cut scores are set each year by the Chief Reader based on various criteria, including the performance of students on that year's AP examination, so this is useful only as a hypothetical comparison of your scores against a previous year's cut scores.